Who am I?

Someone who does a bunch of stuff online.
Here’s a general list of what that entails.


I started by creating websites, sometimes from scratch, sometimes using content management systems. I’m quite familiar with the usual web languages (HTML, CSS, JS).

Nowadays, I also use Python and at my day job, Ansible.

List of skills

UI and UX design

I have a general interest in user interface design and keeping things as straightforward as possible for users. I enjoy making design mockups, and I love being involved in the idea forming process.


For my own little games and for the web. I’m not afraid to touch code when I need to, although I prefer to keep it simple.

Video games

It’s a general interest. I like making my own games sometimes, and I enjoy looking at other peoples’ works and helping out here and there. My favorite game engine is miniSphere.

Music creation

I make music for video games – both for my own and other peoples’ games. A notable example is Punch Club.


I have an interest in the language and culture and have translated a few things here and there (again, mostly video game related).


Bachelor Digital Media & Communication
Hogeschool Utrecht, 2010-2017.
Minor: Co-Design. Field of study: Creative Industries

Information technology
Hogeschool van Amsterdam, 2007-2008

What's with all the content?

This website is a collection of everything I might have contributed something to, ever. That’s why there is so much variation in what you can find here, and why it is more extensive than what would be expected from a “normal” portfolio.

You can contact me if you need anything.