Creative Industries: concept “the new letter”


This was a college project done for the businesses Océ and BührmannUbbens.

In a team of five people, we came up with a concept that allowed a physical letter to be supplemented by extra content that could be accessed digitally. Examples of this content would be videos, photos, gift cards and presents. This was the result of taking the angle that a letter is considered more classy and personal.

Creative Industries: wireframe public website

4 netwerkpagina 2 (dialoog)

In college, the entire class had been tasked to create a public-facing website for the specialization we were doing (which was Creative Industries). After the ideation process, where many ideas were thrown around and refined, we had a general idea of what the website was going to feature. I took the task to create wireframes for this new website and implemented any feedback given back to me.

The wireframes were designed responsively: I created website, mobile and tablet views.

The website ended up implementing what was shown on the wireframes quite nicely.

Minor: Co-Design Studio

Sand castle prop for Dutch Design Week

Co-design Studio is a minor I followed in 2014 at the Hogeschool Utrecht.

The focus was on Design Thinking methodology and user-centered design. In fact, the user is involved as much as possible in the design process, which is very beneficial for the resulting product.

There were several projects involving several companies, amongst which a concept for Zodiac Aerospace.

NDD: concept, designs & Drupal prototype Kerckebosch

Prototype for front page of database

I worked in a project team of five students for the company Kerckebosch Media, where a cross-media concept was developed. This concept was based around their need to communicate and provide information about their offering of offline events (e.g. organizing debates and readings).

Some of my activities: developing wireframes, prototypes a functional design and documentation for the two websites.