BV Hilversum: custom WordPress profile page

BV Hilversum - Lid

Year: 2018

This was a freelance project for Kroon Webdesign in which custom user profile functionality was made for the website of BV Hilversum.

The functionality is based on the WP User Manager plugin, with heavy theme and PHP modifications to display the user listings and profile in its own way and with its own custom fields. Each member has the option to log in and edit their own details and nothing else.

Internship CloudResident

Logo blok FULL bg

Date: April-November 2017

I interned at web hosting company CloudResident between May and November of 2017. I created several different products during my time there.

I worked on designing and updating several websites built in WordPress for different clients. This was done using both the WordPress back-end and HTML/CSS/PHP programming where a custom solution was needed. I have also made wireframes and mockups for CloudResident’s new website, a style guide with an updated logo, Brand Voice Guidelines, a flyer and new business cards.

Internship: Green2B

Green2B's new front page.

I worked at web marketing company Green2B for five months, developing and updating several different WordPress websites and learning how to manage a server.

I made and improved several websites, including (but not limited to):

All web pages were made to be fully responsive, and look good on both phones and desktops.

CSS Grids


After experimenting with it for a while, I’m really happy about the power and flexibility they offer. It didn’t take long to get used to the paradigm of “hey everything is built out of rows and columns and you can tell the browser to position them in different ways”. Compared to the whole thing that’s about messing with floats and clearfixes, this for once doesn’t feel like it’s a hack.

And grids offer complete flexibility in the way you line things out vertically, too.

Webpage made from scratch for a small game development community.

A webpage made from scratch for a small game development community, Spherical. The old version of the site did not communicate properly what the Sphere game engine or community really was. This new front page aims to fix that.

Made June, 2017.