Bootstrap 4 exercise

Tablet view

View website mockup

After getting familiarized with Bootstrap 3, I wanted to know more about using Bootstrap 4 and its features, so I made a mockup of a portfolio that uses Bootstrap 4. This is the result.

The website also experiments with loading the subpages through JavaScript persistently without switching out the main page and header/footer.

Morgenwerk: Making a web app responsive

mijn banen mobiel


This was a project for, an online job agency that wanted to improve their online job application platform by making it fully responsive (mobile friendly).

A lot of work was put into reflowing the content on mobile devices so that phones also become a first-class citizen for the platform.

Morgenwerk’s web app is coded in Ruby, Haml and uses Bootstrap 3 so I learned how to use these effectively. I also learned a lot about Bootstrap 4 and cherry-picked features from it to put into the website.