Game: Flippin’ Matrix (LD27)

screenshot 2013.08.25


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Aka: The Tale of Old Man and Ninja Hacker.

A small game made for Ludum Dare 27. (Ludum Dare is a monthly game competition.)

The game keeps swapping between the old man and the hacker – they occupy the same position, meaning the old man is brought on a wild adventure into very unlikely places. Both characters are needed to make progress.

The concept is a little flawed because of all the waiting, though. And I didn’t find much stuff the old man could do.

Game: Damien Docchi



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A small, incomplete puzzle platformer featuring some dude called Damien Docchi. Damien can or cannot push boxes around depending on their weight. Power-ups that he finds along the way will allow him to be able to push more boxes and solve larger puzzles in the open world area. At least, that was the idea behind it.

Made using the Sphere game engine.

Trouble running?
If you’re wondering how to play the game, download miniSphere at the link above and then run the .sgm file with it.