Design: poster explaining HTML5 and WebGL

Poster HTML5 en WebGL-page001


This was a college project to take a subject on an ongoing trend/technology and explain it to other people.

As the subject I tackled was about the then relatively new HTML5 and WebGL technologies, it was well-received  by the teachers, who had been looking into teaching students about the tech. This got my peers more familiar with the terms and their meanings.

Funnily enough, the poster includes idea on using WebGL in Google Maps and Street View in order to enhance their functionality by allowing you to go through the map in free flight. Google, of course, actually ended up implementing WebGL in exactly that fashion in their Google Maps application.

The poster was made using Scribus.

(No, I don’t think the graphic design on this poster is very good these days. But hey, it’s something I did I was proud of at the time, so into the portfolio it goes!)